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Will The Real Donald Please Stand Up


The Kinder Gentler Side

We are living in a world of contradictions.  President Trump’s approval ratings are the lowest in the history of the executive office at this early stage.  The stock market is at the highest level for any President at this early stage. In fact is the highest for any president ever.  How does this happen.

While people are demonstrating in the streets over the divisive mean spirited president that insults races, demines women and attacks the press.  In his recent address to a joint session of Congress, the President’s speech could not have been more gentile, inclusive and supporting of women’s rights and opportunities.  He even appealed for a united spirit in Congress reaching out to work with his opposition.

About the only thing missing was something nice to say about the media. But then not even a contradiction can be a perfect.

Donald The Cagey Chameleon

So where is the true PODUS.  Is he the guy we all grew to be embarrassed by during the many republican primary debates when he insulted Senator Ron Paul and a host of 15 others.  Or is he the PODUS who painted the dark and depressing state of the country during his January inauguration. Or is Mr. T the kinder, gentler united voice of true leadership?

As much as we would like to know the answer, the simple truth is POTUS is all of the above.  He is what ever he needs to be in whatever the situation demands.  This is what a really good negotiator does. They keep everybody guessing.  That is the art of the deal.

Dr. Donald

One of the consistently clear messages from the President is about healthcare and specifically the ills of Obama care.  Once again the skyrocketing cost of premiums was sighted as the mark of failure.  Insurance premiums in the state of Arizona we were told have risen by triple digits and the Governor of Kentucky was noted for having claimed that the states insurance exchange was imploding.  That is never a good sign of government working for the people.

And what is the biggest cause of premium cost going up at ridiculous rates? Prescription drugs, what else.  Of course, that is a bit unfair because the reality of Obama care is more complex.

Far to many older citizens enrolled and far to few young healthy people declined to follow the law that said, either sign up for healthcare or face a fine added to your income tax bill.  Anybody young person with an 8th grade education realized that they didn’t need the healthcare coverage and that the cost of the insurance was far greater than the fine.  Bingo, the system got loaded up with drug consuming septuagenarians, octogenarians and a few more old folks.

Donald The Barracuda

During his speech to Congress, President Trump was clear and empathic about how the prescription drug companies were the enemy. Hooray for you Mr. President, this is just what those thieving drug cartel members need to hear.  It is something we support you on fully.  Go out and bully the daylights out of Pfyzer, JnJ and all the others.  I promise you that your approval ratings will go up.  And anyway, the stock market is at record so investors already believe you will be successful.

Donald The Apprentice

But do they really?  What is the truth? Do investors believe The Donald will win the prescription drug battle?  Consider this; since the election the S&P 500 has risen about 9% to around 2333.  The two biggest prescription drug distributors in America are McKesson Corp (MKC) and AmerisourceBergen (ABC).  During this same time MKC ‘s stock price has appreciated 15.0% while ABC has gained an impressive 33.6%.

The worst of times for these companies is when drug prices are stable.  But they benefit nicely during periods of rising prices.  So when you look at how completely they have outpaced a very strong stock market, it is telling you something.

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