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All That Loud Noise Is Democracy Calling


Totally Divided We Stand Together

For all of the political divisiveness, my guess is the at least 75% of the American voting population are Democans, or if you prefer Repubicats. Most people see themselves fitting neither into one political party or the other. They see themselves as a touch of free market Republican but with a Democrats sense of concern for their fellow citizens. There are Bernie Sanders style Democrats that are members of the NRA.

Americas beef is not against their fellow Americans; it is against their do nothing, overly complex, dishonest no good government. In the recent Presidential election, voter distrust of their government was the biggest domestic issue on voter’s minds.

There are lots of contributors to this. After eight years of Congressional gridlock during the Obama years, voters were fed up with nothing getting done. You might even conclude that some people forgot how Congress works, it has been so long since it worked much at all.

The Noise Obscures Some Important Issues

The news headlines and the Twitter tweets make lots of noise easily obscuring the fact that democracy is returning to the legislative branch of government. The good news also is that more people seemed to be getting involved in the process. For all the vitriol over President Trump, the result is that more voices are being heard. This is a good thing.

The White House proposal to replace Obamacare is a wonderful example. Even though it passed the House committee, it is hard to imagine there is any real support for this bill on either side of the aisle. But look how many voices of disagreement that have been heard. There hasn’t been anything like this since the days of protest over the Vietnam War. This is good.

When Obamacare was passed in 2010, it contained over 2700 pages. No one alive read the entire document cover to cover. Most people had no idea what was in the bill. Even the proponents admitted that only time would expose the details. That is no way for us to be governed.

The negotiations over the Affordable Care Act replacement have only begun. This brings us to the recent White House meeting between POTUS and Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) and Peter Welch (D-Vermont).

These gentlemen have a proposal to control the raising cost of prescription drugs. This involves having the Federal government negotiate drug pricing using the same system it uses for the VA and other government health agencies. This could be a powerful force in changing the healthcare equation. Why didn’t the Obama team consider this?

Another sign that democracy is returning to America is over at the EPA. Not since its formation in the 1970’s has there been a more controversial head than the POTUS’s choice of Scott Pruitt.

Here is a guy that takes the scientific conclusions of experts on global warming collected over decades and simply states, more research needs to be done. Perhaps so, but when should we draw the line and say enough is enough? When the banks of the Mississippi river reach New Mexico? A good guess is that the EPA under Pruitt’s leadership will bring more citizens, not just environmentalist, into the public discussion.

Everybody: Hug Hybrids And Plug In Vehicles  

And here is a great example where more public awareness and involvement could make a difference. Under the Presidents commitment to reduce regulations comes the likelihood the Obama era auto industry fuel standards will be changed. The current regulations call for average fleet mileage to hit 50.7 mpg by 2025. The auto industry is kissing up to POTUS by announcing big job creating investments in the United States. In return they want President Trump to relax the 2025 standards.

At first this conflicts sharply with most hard-core Democratic values. Are the money-grubbing auto companies trying to use their economic clout at the public expense? Here is their side of the story.

The average mpg for hybrids and plug in electric vehicles either matches or exceeds the 50-mpg target for 2025. These are great cars with amazing acceleration. Trouble is not enough people are buying them. In fact, the drop in oil prices that started back in 2015 has been a blessing for SUV’s and other gas-guzzlers. No one can blame the auto companies for producing products the public demands.

In the Presidential election of 2016, some 65,844,954 socially conscious Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton. No more than a small percent of the folks are owners of hybrids of plug in electric vehicles. It’s time for everybody to be part of the solution.

In conclusion, we don’t need some EPA administrator to agree that global warming is real or not. We all have the right to choose. But if you are really concerned about the bounders of the Mississippi river, buy a car the already offers 50+mpg’s.

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