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Note To The Press: Stop Picking On Donny


It was inevitable after verbal nuclear war broke out between the candidate Donald Trump, and the news media. It was particularly short sighted, if not stupid, for Trump to personally insult the New York Times.

But in the context of nuclear history, if the Japanese knew the consequences of Pearl Harbor things might have turned out differently. Once you start a war, there are causalities.

Trumps take no prisoners approach to the press makes the late comedian Don Rickles look like an amateur.

The provincial thinkers at the NYT deserve Trump’s vitriol but these guys and others like them are the ones with much of the power. And they have no intention of letting anyone forget that.

The “upper flap” as it was known before online journalism took over, is the place reserved for the publisher to place the day’s most important events. Since Election Day, the upper flap has had nothing but sensational headlines related to The Donald.

Not since the late days of the Nixon administration has the press been in such attack mode. In a White House press conference an NBC report claims the following question was asked. How many impeachable offences has the President committed since being in office?

Nobody ask Nixon that question until the infamous “smoking gun” tape was discovered. By that time Nixon was well into his second term.

No More Political Correctness

The press claims that POTUS is constantly shifting positions and drifting away from campaign promises. Well one promise he made was to put an end to political correctness. That promise has been entirely fulfilled.

If Trumps recent shoving of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro at the recent NATO meetings or his trash talking of Angela Merkel you get the feeling that maybe Donald thinks he still dealing with the New York Generals of the World Football League.

Yes, we all know, Trump is a bully and brings more misery to his doorstep that is necessary. He can’t help it; he is a narcissist and that the way that narcissistic thinking operates.

The Russians Are Coming: Who Cares?

Political correctness is out of style and nowhere has the fall out been more damaging than with the mess over Russia. The public felt the last Congress accomplished almost nothing. By the time partisan investigations are through with this topic it may be presidential election time once again.

The conspiracy theories have sold more newspapers and filled more television news than all 50 SuperBowls.

There are several questions that have eluded observers. There is a conspiracy mania without anyone asking if there is anything seriously illegal to prosecute?

In the 2016 cyber world of spying it would be unthinkable for the Russians to not try to influence the outcome of the American election to a candidate they favor. There is hardly any doubt that American Intelligence has done the same thing during the Russian elections. The Russian system is more difficult to influence since it is basically rigged in favor of Putin.

The only difference with the past is that the level of cyber spying has become more sophisticated but in the end it is a game that is played out on a world scale. Trump continuously attacked the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement and the Chinese in particular during the election. So there is practically a guarantee that the Chinese were working to the benefit of the Clinton campaign.

What Laws Have Been Broken 

For all the noise, what laws have been broken? If former National Security advisor Michael Flynn failed to register as an advisor to a foreign government, ok, that is a crime: a misdemeanor.

Now the focus in on contacts made between the Trump transition team and the Russians. According to the White House version, Jared Kushner attempted to establish a back channel with the Russians, presumably to help accelerate communication when the Trump administration took over on January 20.

There is no law that prevents a private citizen from communicating with a citizen of another country. It is part of the First Amendment. Other than political fodder, what is the reason for FBI and Congressional hearings?

Intuitively, we know the answer, this is the way Washington DC operates. The swamp still needs to be drained. It is filling up faster than anyone expected.