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Politics of The Absurd


Before getting started, I have an important confession to make.

I am politically agnostic. I have responsibly taken my citizenship obligations and voted every Election Day since turning 18. But lately my heart has begun to follow the Hippie Party campaign slogan of 1968: Vote For Nobody, because nobody has ALL the answers!

While others are passionate about their political beliefs, my passion tends to run to the absurdity of the political process. Take for example the Democratic Party. Unquestionably this group is in the worst shape in decades. Consider their situation.

Identity Crisis

To be a Democrat is to be a person favoring social justice, helping your fellow citizen looking out for the environment, protecting the rain forests and smoking a little weed. All of these have their virtues.

Today the political map in America is bifurcated. More baby boomers are retiring everyday while more millennials make up the lower end of the age spectrum.

These two groups represent over 90 million Americans. This may not sound like much compared to 320 million in the US population. But remember, only about 130 million voted in the 2016 election, so 90 million is potentially a powerful block.

It combines the idealism of youth with the aches and pains of old age reality. These two groups have been the core of the Democratic Party for decades. Now this voting block is bigger than anytime in history.

Unfortunately the Democrats are nowhere to be found. They control neither houses of Congress. Only 13 states are under Democratic governorship. The Party is so bad off these days the even Hilary Clinton is being accused of disserting the ship.

Clinton to the DNC: Your Ship Has A Hole In It

In a recent interview at the 2017 high tech Code Conference she claimed the Democratic National Committee is nearly bankrupt and that she, single handedly, had to bail them out. She claimed the DNC had nothing that could help her campaign, no data, nada. This makes the Russians look really stupid for hacking into the DNC data bank in the first place. What a waste of money. Cyber hackers don’t come cheap.

Cheep Sports Metaphor To The Rescue

In situations like this a sports metaphor always comes in handy.

We are now in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs, nobody on base. Attempting to tie the score with one swing comes the proposal for single payer health care!

Nationalized Healthcare: Avoiding Solutions When Ever Possible

The idea of a single payer healthcare system was one of Bernie Sanders favorite campaign issues. It sounded so appealing when The Bern talked about it. His passion made him a popular figure.

But The Burn didn’t even get nominated. (Maybe those Russian had something to do with it.)

When you are down 37 Statehouses in the bottom of the ninth inning, there is nothing like taking a loosing idea from 2016 and making it the centerpiece of the party’s first attempt to get back in power.

Desperation Is Gaining Momentum

Single payer bills are being proposed in several states: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and, of course, California. As you might imagine, each of these states are Democratic strongholds.

California is the state with the highest chance to get any traction. State Senator Ricardo Lara is the author of the bill that would mandate much more comprehensive access and no out-of-pocket costs.

There are only a few small issues to be addressed. A single payer system will cost $400 billion just for California: a tidy little sum. Half of this will come from taking away existing public healthcare programs. (Always a risky move) The rest will require $200 million in higher taxes (everybody loves more taxes).

Good luck with the first $200 million of the plan. Donald Trump knows what it is like messing with exiting programs under the Affordable Care Act. And then there is the issue of the added taxes.

Is it truly a zero out of pocket healthcare plan if you must pay $200 million more in taxes? California recently legalized weed. Perhaps politicians are depending on that to get voters to buy into the plan. Inhale the burn.