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Democratic Do Gooders

YOUNGSTOWN, OH - AUGUST 15: Republican candidate for President Donald Trump holds a campaign event at the Kilcawley Center at Youngstown State University on August 15, 2016 in Youngstown, Ohio. In his address, Trump laid out his foreign policy vision for America. (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Everybody is feuding in Washington. Now is the time for the biggest organization of disorganized people to get their act together. We are talking about the Democratic Party. They behave like passengers on a Carnival Cruise ship. Each member may be on the same boat, but once in harbor, they all go in different directions. There is about as much unity here as there was in the closing moments of the Titanic.

Now the Democrats are poised, practically by default to become the next leader of the United States Congress. Election Day 2018 is only 15 months away. That means, another glorious election campaign will begin even sooner. Oh goody, can’t wait.

Trump Is Getting Squeezed From All Sides

These days’ news organizations just about everywhere are ganging up on POTUS. FOX may still be in Trumps corner but the wounds to DT’s good buddies are pretty evident. The President is not only digging his own grave, he is paying for the funeral. Whoever was the last person to accuse him of being brilliant, hasn’t been heard from recently.

The really smart move here would be to fire Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services and hire Dr. Phil.

The more Trump tries to wiggle out of tight situations with such tactics as the Self Pardon, I will fire Robert Mueller, I will hire Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General, if I had known Sessions was going to be disloyal, I never would have hired him, the more he exposes himself less as a leader of a moral nation and more like a Latin American Dictator.

The Presidents approval ratings translate into a forgone conclusion. If an election were held today, unless Trump was running against OJ Simpson, he would loose by a big margin. The challenge for the Democrats is to make sure they don’t nominate OJ.

But the important election is over three years off so unless something ominous happens to The Donald in the meantime, the Dems have to build their next move in Congress.

New Noise: Old Ideas

Lately there are rustlings coming for people like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer about a new economic plan. Instead of calling a “New Deal” a la Franklin Roosevelt, it is being called a “better deal”.

First, compliments to the leadership for the intelligent decision not reusing the FDR era term “New”. As the headlines show, there is nothing whatsoever new.

The preliminary headline reads, “Democrats to rollout new economic plan that takes aim at big biz and drug prices”. These are the same things that the party of donkeys has been attacking for decades.

We will be forces to wait to see details. But unless you have something in common with a donkey, there won’t be any surprises. There is only one exception. It would be a surprise if the new economic plan resulted in more efficient and lower cost government. Correction: it would be a shock.

Old Ideas Old Leaders

The Democratic Party has long enjoyed the support of young voters. This goes back over 50 years to JFK. Young idealistic voters have yet to realize that ideas being promoted by the party of FDR have been tried without great success for generations.

Democratic stump speeches are peppered with phrases like, we have made much progress but there is much more to be done. Democrats and Dermatologists have much in common.

For all the noise about better ideas, it is time for the youth imbued Democratic Party to find a new face with some new ideas before 2020. So far names being whispered like HRC and JBJ translate into SOS (Same Old Stiffs).

To paraphrase FDR, the only thing we have to fear is that the Democratic party members forget to get back on the Carnival Cruse ship before it leaves the dock.