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Greater Cannabis Co, Inc. (GCAN) IPO


Combining Crowdfunding and Cannabis

Here is something to amuse you on a hot summer day. Every investor is looking for ways of making money on weed. Do you invest in the growing, the wholesaling, and retailing or in drug paraphernalia? Take a clever 51-year-old dude named Wayne Anderson who presumably has a lot of experience in the bud business. Wayne has huge diverse plans to be everywhere.

Financing Wayne’s dream begins by declaring himself an emerging growth company under the Jobs Act and then going to raise $6 million using crowdfunding. This may sound like a typical big hat no cattle scenario that has been repeated over and over. But remember we are dealing with weed, one controversial but highly powerful business.

Wayne even went to the trouble of writing an S-1 document of nearly 100+ pages. That is much more than many companies with far more business than GCAN.

Most venture capitalists agree that 95% of startup companies fail within their first 24 months. So before you light up, please keep that in mind. Like most emerging growth companies, Wayne’s revenues have yet to emerge. But that is ok because it’s all about the future of Cannabis.

Greater Cannabis Company’s Enormous Plans

The Company’s business segments are divided into four operating segments direct from Wayne’s S-1 filing:

E-commerce- Through the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, GCC Superstore, LLC, the Company has established an online store whose merchandise includes pipes, vaporizers, grinders, hemp related products. The online store was opened in June 2017 at www.gccsuperstore.com. The GCC Superstore carries in excess of 1000 products from 20 suppliers and over 50 brands.

Advertising- With the development of the GCC Superstore, the Company will place directed advertising throughout the online store. Advertising will originate through Google AdSense or direct-advertising sales by the company. The company will also use social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Licensing- On July 31, 2014, the Company entered into a Licensing Agreement with Artemis Dispensing Technologies for the development and resell of an automated dispensing machine. Under the agreement, Artemis is responsible for the development of a high end automated dispensing product.

Direct Investments- The Company also intends to investigate direct investment in private entities within the cannabis sector either through stock purchase agreements, debentures, joint ventures or a hybrid of each.


Wayne Anderson is the President and Board Chairman of the company. Thus far he is the only executive as well as the only employee. The S-1 states that Wayne leverages nearly 15 years of business experience in the financial and medical sectors. He received a Doctorate degree from Temple University so we are guessing that Wayne is no dummy.

Financial Considerations

The extent that Wayne succeeds in raising $6 million via crowdfunding, it will be used to fund daily operations and to develop the business plan. As of December 31,2016, the S-1 places the amount of cash at $0. So if successful, at least he will be able to afford a Debit Card.


This is almost a silly point considering that having a little extra weed to sell your friends puts you in the business. In terms of formal competitors we are talking about competitors such as 420 Science, GRAV, Got Vape and Smoking Cartel.

The Company believes the density of cannabis consumers and the wide product selection are what will make The Greater Cannabis Company, Inc. and The GCC Superstore attractive to cannabis consumers and will help to serve as their main competitive advantage.

Why Wayne?

Now some of you might take the point of view: Wayne’s Weed World is such an ultra long shot, why even bother mentioning his ambitious dream. The answer is simple: in the world of financial democracy created be the Jobs Act and crowdfunding, everyone has a fair chance no matter how well thought out or wacky the idea.