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Elio Motors, Inc, IPO


To Dream The Impossible Dream

By now who has not heard of Elon Musk a guy who has to rank of one of the biggest dreamers in America today. Perhaps Elon’s only true rival would be Jeff Bezos but who can measure such things anyway.
It is fair to say the Elon is best known for his incredible slick, sleek and much in demand Tesla electric powered amazamobiles. Against long odds, Tesla has managed to carve a serious niche into the bazillion dollar auto market. Slowly the US is moving to electric powered vehicles.
If Elon Can Do It, So Can I
What Elon has already accomplished is an example for the rest of the world. Enter Elio Motors, Inc. On August 3rd, Elio filed its S-1 Registration Statement for an IPO. If successful, the company will raise about $100 million.
This is chump change in the auto world where the value of GM and Ford total $100 billion. Throw in Tesla at $60 billion and you get the idea. Under optimal circumstances, Elio is not even a jumbo shrimp.

Where Does The Catchy Name Come From?
The name Trump is plastered all over every one of POTUS’ hotels and condos so what’s wrong with a car guy doing the same. Meet Paul Elio and the entire nine members of the current team Elio Motors.

Making America Great Again
The way the company describes itself is a chapter out of the “Make America Great Again” book. This is their mission statement:
“We have a simple mission—we are committed to the American dream, creating American jobs and bringing American automotive ingenuity to every vehicle we build.”

A Product With A Different Design

Paul Elio believes he has designed a revolutionary front engine, front-wheel drive, two-seat, gasoline-powered vehicle with two wheels in the front and one wheel in the rear – the Elio. See: www.eliomotors.com. Of course, what else could you possibly call it?

The design of the vehicle more aerodynamic while providing significantly higher gas mileage than standard vehicles. Here is how they make comparisons.

The Elio has a range of approximately 672 miles, based upon an 8-gallon tank and 84 mpg highway. This is significantly greater than most gas or diesel-powered vehicles that have an average range of 371 miles.

And then there are those electric vehicles that are typically limited to 60 to 300 miles. There is also the limited availability of charging stations.

Hybrid vehicles have an average range of 510 miles, which is pretty cool. However, Elio with its fuel efficiency offers a far better sticker price as well as the best environmental benefits.

Yes We Have Orders!

The company’s website claims to have orders of over 65,300 vehicles at a base price of just $7450. That is half the price of the least expensive Smart car and a third the price of virtually any hybrid.

Part of the low price can be explained by the ultra compact nature of the vehicle whose principal buyer most likely will be for commuting purposes.

Wrapped In The Flag

Paul Elio is not only a seasoned engineer but a patriot as well. He anticipates creating thousands of jobs in the United States, positively impacting the environment through lowered engine emissions, reducing the United States’ dependence on foreign and domestic oil, and favorably affecting the trade deficit through the eventual export of vehicles.

Who Is Paul Elio

Elio may not be a household word like Elon Musk but he has been working hard at Elio Motors for nearly a decade. He has the heart and soul of an engineer. Before founding Elio Motors, Paul built ESG Engineering, a consulting business that created a methodology for developing new products using simulation tools. ESG holds 10 patents.

Will Paul and his nine-member team turn into the next Tesla or the next DeLorean? As always, time will tell. In the meantime one thing can easily be said: Elio Motors could turn out to be a cheaper way to invest in the next generation of automobile renegades. If Tesla, with no profits in sight for years is valued more than GM or Ford, anything is possible.