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Investor Alert: Massive Market Awaits this Tech Company’s Life-Altering A.I. Breakthrough

January 22, 2020

Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd. (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) Offers Investors Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity as it Tackles the Biggest Healthcare Challenge of the 21st Century

Thanks to a revolutionary new tech breakthrough, the impact of one of the world’s most serious health crises could soon be significantly reduced.

This crisis – called the biggest healthcare challenge of the 21st Century by the World Economic Forum – has an annual impact of more than $1 trillion on the global economy.

Yet in spite of this extraordinary global impact, nearly half of all this disease’s sufferers never receive a formal diagnosis.

This health crisis is, of course, dementia.

Right now one company – a forward-thinking tech firm with a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence tech platform – stands poised to be on the forefront of this health crisis… and is positioned to dominate a potential multi-billion-dollar market.

That company – Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd. (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) – is led by a team of neuroscience experts from the world’s leading universities working to be first-to-market with a breakthrough testing platform within the next 18 months.

Under-Addressed Market Hits Its Tipping Point

Here’s why this extraordinary opportunity is now attracting the attention of the world’s most successful finance firms…

At this moment, there is an enormous under-addressed market for a cost-effective, sensitive and scalable test to help allow for early diagnosis of dementia.

The simple truth is that current testing methods – for dementia as well as other cognitive issues – are ineffective and costly.

This causes millions of dementia cases to go undiagnosed each year.

This market is crying out for new technology… a company that can bring to market a test that can be rolled out on a large scale and make earlier diagnosis a reality.

And that’s where Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd. (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) comes in.

With such a massive potential market – and a game-changing A.I. tech breakthrough – Cognetivity is a company that investors should immediately do their due diligence on… before the window of opportunity has closed!

Cognetivity’s Technology Could Offer
Tremendous Upside for Investors

Cognetivity’s revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-based testing platform could have a tremendous upside for investors by allowing for the earlier diagnoses of many of the devastating cognitive conditions.

Here’s why: Alzheimer’s disease – the 6th leading cause of death in the United States – is the most common type of dementia. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the early and proactive screening of dementia could potentially save $7.9 trillion in the United States alone.1

That potential $7.9 trillion savings is a staggeringly large number – one that means companies able to demonstrate the ability to allow for earlier detection of dementia could see explosive revenue growth.

Leaders in the industry agree.

Dr Carol Routledge, Director of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, has this to say about Cognetivity’s testing platform:

Besides a cure, what do those afraid of Alzheimer’s disease need most? According to Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and philanthropist, a key need is a “reliable, affordable, and accessible” diagnostic test. He spoke out this week on Twitter regarding Alzheimer’s:

Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) could be one of those “big thinkers”. With plans to bring its breakthrough to market – with FDA approval possible within the next 18 months – early investors could see significant upside potential. 

That’s why it’s so important that investors perform their due diligence and consider adding Cognetivity to their portfolio now.

Cognetivity’s (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) testing platform is so simple – and so inexpensive – that preventative testing for dementia could eventually become as common and simple as an annual blood pressure check.

Dementia: The Most Devastating Health
Challenge on the Planet

According to the World Economic Forum, dementia is the biggest healthcare challenge of the 21st century.2

And with good reason, as the statistics are jarring…6

  • Every 3 seconds someone in the world develops dementia.3
  • The world’s economy is set to lose $1 trillion in 2018, soaring to $2 trillion – a 100% jump – by 2030 unless dementia is tackled.
  • Dementia is now the leading cause of death in the United Kingdom.5
  • And the costs associated with dementia already exceed the market value of the world’s largest companies, including Apple…Google…and Exxon Mobil.

A significant contributor to the devastating impact of dementia is the lack of effective early detection of the disease. Earlier diagnosis leads to far better patient outcomes, and even in the absence of a cure, there is much that can be done to delay the impact of the worst symptoms – but only if the diagnosis happens early enough to allow specialists to help sufferers.

The Problem: Existing Testing Methods for Dementia Simply Aren’t Effective

In the United States and the United Kingdom, nearly half of all dementia sufferers never receive a formal diagnosis. 

And this number increases to 9 out of 10 people in countries with smaller economies.

It is imperative that a test is developed to diagnose patients much earlier. As treatments for slowing or halting development of the disease continue to advance early diagnosis will be essential to their effectiveness.

Traditional assessment methods suffer from a number of challenges, including…

  • Precision limitations – Current methods are bound by assessor bias, differences in interpretation and a lack of sensitivity in recording patient response.
  • Requires expert administration – A Health Care Professional has to administer existing tests, taking up valuable time and adding additional expense.
  • Language dependence – Current assessment methods can be affected by the subject’s level of competence in the language the test is conducted in.
  • Education dependence – Generally, the higher a subject’s level of education, the better they will score in knowledge and memory based testing.
  • Learning effect – With existing methods, a patient can seem to be getting better when, in fact, they are simply learning how to take the test more effectively.

These limitations – and the massive potential market in need of more effective testing – are what led Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) to develop a test free from those limitations.

Leading-Edge Tech Company Bringing Game-Changing Cognitive Testing Platform to Market

Cognetivity’s testing platform overcomes the limitations of existing testing methods…allowing for the potential to deliver this software-based test on a large scale worldwide. 

That type of potential – to disrupt the world’s most pressing healthcare crisis – is part of what makes Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) such an attractive consideration for investors.

Cognetivity’s testing platform is known as the Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA)…and it has the potential to be more sensitive to small changes in cognitive ability than comparable tests, making much earlier diagnosis possible.

  • The ICA is easy to administer, as it is conducted on an iPad – and it is software-based, allowing for widespread application.
  • The ICA is fast – it takes just five minutes – and uses Artificial Intelligence for enhanced sensitivity…
  • The ICA is self-administered – and that’s part of what makes it such a potential game-changer. Because the test does not require the assistance of a health care professional, it can be administered more quickly – and at a significantly lower cost.
  • The ICA also has no learning effect and is language & education independent.

Thanks to Cognetivity’s (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, the ICA is always learning…always improving…and takes into account user’s specific attributes, such as sex, age and level of education.

This helps produce relative results that are both meaningful and accurate in a way that is not possible using current testing methods.

Cognetivity’s technology could be used to provide early diagnoses for a wide range of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, sports-related concussions, ADHD, and Multiple Sclerosis.

This high-tech testing platform is a large part of what makes Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) such an attractive investment. Once this company’s A.I. breakthrough captures the attention of Wall Street…it may be too late for investors to get in at a bargain price!

Cognetivity: First-to-Market in Tackling the
Biggest Health Crisis of the 21st Century

Currently, there are no significant competitors that combine all these technical advantages that Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) can offer in the marketplace.

While there are some companies performing early-stage research, none have developed a product as of yet…

And Cognetivity has powerful patent protection over its Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) in all major countries.

Think about that…

Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) offers a huge first-to-market advantage in a huge potential market. 

This is a healthcare crisis called “the biggest health challenge of the 21st century” by the World Economic Forum…

One with a potential $1 trillion-per-year impact on the global economy. 

And in a market where the entire world is pushing for a breakthrough…Cognetivity’s breakthrough could prove to be a fortune-maker for early investors. 

Let’s do the math on just how explosive
Cognetivity’s revenue growth could be…

  • Each year in the USA alone there are over 300 million visits to physicians by adults aged 65 and over.4
  • If just 5% of those visits involve testing for – or diagnosis of – a cognitive condition…that would mean a potential for more than 15 million tests per year…
  • If Cognetivity’s A.I.-based test is administered in just 20% of those cases – an exceptionally low estimate considering there are no other comparable tests on the market – that would mean 3 million tests per year in the U.S. alone.
  • At a minimum cost of $48 per test  (priced at current reimbursement code for computerised cognitive testing)…that would translate into $144 million in potential annual revenue from cognitive testing in the U.S. alone for Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF).

Urgent: Cognetivity Attracts the Attention of
the Biggest Names in the Finance Industry

The explosive potential for Cognetivity’s tech breakthrough is already attracting the attention of some of the finance industry’s heaviest hitters.

Baron Group International, an international merchant bank having offices in Hong Kong, Macau and Vancouver helped successfully finance Helius Medical Technologies (Nasdaq: HSDT).

This critical funding piece follows the very same blueprint that was followed successfully with Helius Medical Technologies by taking the company public in Canada and then following with a dual listing in the United States.

The backing of a major player such as Baron Group International essentially confirms that the potential upside for Cognetivity Neurosciences is significant.

In July, Cognetivity announced the appointment of Hanspeter Spek, former President of Global Operations at Sanofi, to its Board of Advisors. Mr. Spek brings exceptional operational and financial experience, gained from working in senior positions within one of the worlds leading global pharmaceutical businesses. The company believes he will help enhance their capabilities to commercialize their cognitive assessment technology and will be a key in the pursuit of future strategic partnerships and business development opportunities.

Individual investors would be wise to follow the lead of these industry leaders and strongly consider adding shares of Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) as soon as possible.

Academic Prowess from the World’s Leading Universities

One of the most important considerations when evaluating potentially disruptive technology companies is the strength of the management team.

The team has decades of combined experience working with world-class institutions and companies, including:

Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSFbrings together a knowledgeable and experienced team of scientists and entrepreneurs from top global universities such as Cambridge, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), KCL (King’s College of London) and Harvard Medical School.

  • 35 years of pharmaceutical and medical product development
  • 20 years of business and finance
  • 15 years of research and development
  • 10 years of clinical medicine expertise in old age psychiatry.

Dr. Sina Habibi – Co-Founder and CEO
PhD in Engineering, nano-bio- technology, University of Cambridge. Chair of Cambridge University Entrepreneurs

Executive management in digital health and gaming. Experienced in mathematical modelling and big data consultancy. Set up medical device and pharmaceutical distribution and sales companies.

Dr. Seyed Razavi – Co-Founder and CSO
PhD in neuroscience, University of Cambridge 

Extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications. PhD in Neuroscience from Cambridge University, followed by postdoctoral research experience at MIT, studying the human brain in health and disease using a combination of multimodal neuroimaging techniques and computational modeling. Was also affiliated with the Harvard Catalyst, being trained on medical device development.

Dr. Thomas Sawyer – Chief Operating Officer
MBA from the University of Cambridge, PhD from University of Glasgow.

15 years of experience in setting up companies, executive consulting and private equity investment in sectors including biotechnology (Alzheimer’s drug development), IT, logistics and natural resources across the globe. Guest lecturer in Finance at Cambridge, Exeter and University College London.

Dr. Chris Kalafatis – Chief Medical Officer
Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry at Maudsley Hospital in South London, lectures at Kings College London.

Developed electronic clinics for older people and led strategic NHS partnership schemes in Dementia and has worked across different NHS trusts to modernize the practice and scope of Memory Services.

Dr. Mark Phillips – Chief Compliance Officer
MSc in management, University of Cambridge.

Former GSK Senior Executive with over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and life sciences industries. Has led global teams in research and development, and in manufacturing to create new businesses, products and transform performance.

Massive Potential Market — According to the World Economic Forum, dementia is the biggest healthcare challenge of the 21st century…a crisis with a staggering $1 trillion-per-year impact on the global economy.

Game-Changing Early Diagnosis Potential — Cognetivity is aggressively working to tackle the global dementia crisis by bringing a potentially game-changing testing platform to market. Cognetivity’s high-tech solution will help allow for early detection of dementia – a breakthrough that is badly needed…and one that can help open the door to appropriate future care and treatment.

Superior A.I. Tech Testing Platform — Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) has developed a testing platform that looks to be superior to – and has a number of critical advantages over – existing testing methods. This Artificial Intelligence-driven solution could lead to cognitive testing becoming as simple, inexpensive and prevalent as an annual blood pressure check.

First to Market…ZERO Competition! — The market for cognitive testing is massive – yet no other company has developed a realistic solution. Thanks to a lack of competitors and its comprehensive patent protection, Cognetivity (CSE: CGN); (OTCQB: CGNSF) should have a significant first-to-market advantage over any potential competitors.

Academic Prowess from Leading Universities — The company is led by a knowledgeable and experienced team of scientists and entrepreneurs, bringing together academic prowess from some of the world’s leading universities.

Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd.

Cognetivity Neurosciences Ltd.

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