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Huawei to Launch Augmented Reality Glasses on 2020


China’s tech giant Huawei is planning to release its augmented reality glasses in the next two years, the company’s CEO Richard Yu stated in a recent interview.

Yu said that the product would be ready to commercialize soon. These are wearable glasses that allow people to experience AR.

AR is used in software and applications. It has been included in smartwatches.  This technology allows people to experience three-dimensional virtual interaction. It lets the public see digital objects overlaid onto the real world. The Chinese technology just released its latest Mate 20 Pro smartphone with augmented reality apps already installed and available to consumers.

However, this is just the start for Huawei. Yu said that they want to create more AR products. He mentioned that they would bring more augmented reality experience to the people so that they will experience technology in a whole new level.

They want their customers to be virtually-involved through their phones. They want to show people the power of AR.  The company believed that virtual reality is not valuable today, but it will be in the coming years.

Huawei aims to normalize AR for their customers, so they will release more products and software that focus on the experience. They want to familiarize their customers with virtual reality before they release their glasses in hopes of an easier integration process after the release. Yu said that they want to encourage people to engage with AR before they endorse their glasses. People can expect virtual software from Huawei soon.

Other companies have tried to create a buzz around smart glasses in recent years. Among them were Facebook, Google, and Apple. None found success in the market but are likely to continue research and releases in coming years within the potentially growing market.

Ficus Kirkpatrick, Facebook’s head of augmented reality, confirmed that they are working on an AR product.

Apple, a company that was outranked by Huawei as second-best smartphone manufacturer in the world, is said to be working on AR headset and glasses, too. According to a CNET report, the company is creating glasses that would overlay digital into reality. The company is said to release the glasses the same year Huawei does.

Apple and Huawei are close competitors in the smartphone market. The Chinese company outranks regarding sales and features. According to multiple studies, Huawei shipped about 54 million units while Apple only shipped 41.3 million phones.

Now, the company has been braving new technology to strive and improve their products. Huawei’s revenue for this year was 237 billion yuan. The company is also up to the challenge regarding creating the what they consider to be the best AR glasses.