Home Markets Bombardier Chief Executive Meets with Investors: Stocks Plummets Down to 20%

Bombardier Chief Executive Meets with Investors: Stocks Plummets Down to 20%


The top executives of Bombardier met with stockholders in Montreal on Friday to discuss current events that resulted in their stocks decreasing 20% after an adverse regulatory action and free cash flow announcement.

Bombardier’s Exec Alain Bellemare and CFO John Di Bert, previously scheduled for the Montreal meeting, however, “recent events drove the urgent involvement and measure of interest,” as per sources. After its shares going down more than 23% that day, CEO Bellemare met up with its investors after the announcement of free cash flow on November 8.

After the announcement to sell their two businesses and cut 5,000 jobs for the company to expand its stronger corporate jet and rail divisions the company’s shares fell on a disappointing free cash flow forecast.

As per CEO Alain Bellemare, he told analysts that the changes would allow the company to pursue its growth opportunities in its stronger performing rail, aerostructure divisions, and business jet. The sale comes as Bombardier will undertake a 5-year restructuring program until 2020.

The Canadian company conveyed that by using its earnings from the sale of a plant in Toronto prior this year, it’d be able to meet its 2018 cash flow estimate. Analysts also expected that Bombardier might attain its goal of crudely breaking even on cash.

Recognized with improving Bombardier’s finances from an incapacitating 2015 crash crunch, Bellemare sought to reassure the stockholders that Bombardier would still reach the company’s five-year improvement plan. They intend to enhance the company’s revenues and margin by the year 2020.

On Thursday, Quebec’s securities overseer requested Bombardier to stop stock exchange for them to expedite sales by some executives. On the other hand, Autorite des Marches Financiers relayed that it is reviewing its transactions and statements related to the formation of an Autonomic Securities Disposition Plan by Bombardier on August 15.

Bombardier stocks ended at 20% at 1.67 Canadian Dollar, adding up to last week’s 31 percent skid. The bargain in stocks also extends over to bonds. According to Refinitiv Eikon data, Bombardier has roughly around $9.35 billion of outstanding bonds. The profit on Bombardier’s 7.5% U.S. dollar bond growing on March 2025 has increased by nearly 300 basis points to 9.87%, the peak since July 2016.

Moody’s chief bombardier specialist, Jamie Koutaoukis said she reduced the company’s senior unsafe debt in 2017 saying, “emphasizing at that time that we expected continued negative free cash flow in 2018, in contrast to guidance.”