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Get What You Want in a Tight Labor Market


With the high rate of job vacancies, now is the best time for workers to seize the opportunity in getting whatever they wish from their current jobs and employers. Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain emphasized the fact that “now is the time to go out and make a change if you have dissatisfaction from your job or career”. He also said that employees are now in a good position to propose a bargain with their employers which can help them get the maximum out of their wage and benefits.

Pick a Job Wisely

During job hunting, you have a chance to impress different employers using various skill sets you have honed. Chamberlain stated that job hunters must be able to show some technical expertise, no matter which industry, to land a job. “It does not necessarily mean you have to be a data scientist,” Chamberlain also enunciated. More employers are expecting workers to be at least experienced in that area. Businesses are working with a lot of different data so being able to handle working with it to some extent can make you the best candidate for your dream job.

Economists also recommended considering a career path in growing sectors like health care, business services, and tech if you are looking for more job opportunities that may last longer. They also added that since the population is aging, meaning there are now more people in the higher age range, health care has also become more relevant. Another tip is to check the Bureau of Labor Statistics growth projections as they can also greatly help in your job hunting.

With the overall economy being so good for job hunters that they can be picky, you have to choose which career path to take wisely. Some industries are having major staff adjustments brought about by automation and various technological advancements. As of today, jobs like telephone operators, computer operators, and typist are expected to disappear a few years from now. For this reason, economic analyst Mark Hamrick said that anyone seeking a job in another industry should not ignore the changes occurring in another.

Ask for What You Deserve

With the slight rise in job market wages within a short period, economists said that it is an indication of the employer’s willingness to do anything and everything feasible to pique the interest of workers and keep qualified candidates.

Indeed’s director of economic research Martha Gimbel, gave a scenario wherein you walk into your boss’ office, asking for a raise, now would be a great time. She also emphasized how “employers don’t have the same ability to be as picky” compared to five or six years ago.

Suzy Welch, a CNC Contributor, also added that upon making your proposal for a salary raise on your boss, make sure that you can explain well why you deserve a raise because if you don’t, you will risk rejection from your employer. She also compared it to how a lawyer defends and tries to win a case, stating that you should prove your importance to the company using your achievements that has helped their business grow until now.