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Senator Elizabeth Warren Forms Committee for 2020 Presidential Race

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On December 31, through a four-minute video sent to her followers, Senator Elizabeth Warren proclaimed that she developed a probing team for the 2020 presidential race. Warren, current Senator and former Harvard instructor, is endorsing equality among economic groups and addressing fraud and discrimination among races.

She stated that the rich are getting even richer because of their power in the government. Instead of working for the people, the people in the administration are working for themselves.

According to Warren, the exploitation of the country’s funds by some politicians is a threat to democracy and minorities. She also addressed the problems being faced by other races; she’s advocating to end racial discrimination.

Senator Warren is one of the Democrats’ representatives that will compete with Donald Trump for the presidency. With her initiative, the party is anticipated to have another representative. Currently, Warren wants to form groups in states such as Iowa.

According to reliable sources, Warren called Troy Price, the Iowa Democratic Party Chair, and she proposed a Hawkeye state trip. There are no dates specified for the said trip, but it is expected to be sooner. According to another source, as soon as the next seven days, Warren is expected to show up in the state.

Without wanting to be named, a source from Palmetto State stated in an interview that Warren’s team is currently starting to form a group in South Carolina as well.

Someone related to the Senator said that she wants to form a team that can help her in the campaign.

Apparently, some members of Warren’s group were sent out to big states named Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan, so they can discuss plans with different campaign directors. Since in the video, she already declared the members of her team, she can arrange a meetup with these representatives and discuss their workloads.

Because of the news, groups have assembled. Warren is said to be the most deserving of the spot among the candidates, this is stated by Progressive Change Campaign Committee that launched the campaign “Draft Elizabeth Warren for Senate” last 2011.

Stephanie Taylor and Adam Green, the team’s co-creators, believe that Elizabeth Warren can win over Trump because the authority wants someone that can work with and for the masses. Warren’s initiative to stop discrimination and to promote equality can become her main weapon in the election.

From the survey run by MoveOn.org, among the 2020 candidates, Warren becomes one of the top candidates garnering an average of 6.4%. She lagged behind Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders, ex-Vice President Joe Biden, and Rep. Beto O’Rouke who gathered at most 15.6% of the votes. In the 2016 race, their team is promoting Sanders.

Another advocacy goal of Senator Warren is to make a resolution for the consumers to be secured from activities against them. She plans to track major banks’ activities. Moreover, she has already drafted principles for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

With the declaration of Warren’s candidacy, issues regarding her descent were put in the limelight. Warren announced the result of her DNA test, and it was shown that she only has small traces of her Native American lineage.

Native American groups, as well as Trump, ridiculed her because of the DNA test result. In social media platforms, Elizabeth Warren is termed as the US’ “Pocahontas” because of her ancestry.

Last November, Warren got a seat in the Senate by receiving 60% of the total votes.

Other Senate members such as Harris, Sanders, Cory Booker from New Jersey, Sherrod Brown from Ohio, and Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota are also expected to run in the presidential race.