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Mercedes-Benz Aims To Scale Autonomous Technology


Christoph Schroeder, an executive from Mercedes-Benz, released a statement through Welt am Sonntag, a German paper, that Mercedes-Benz doesn’t want to become the first car manufacturer to develop an autonomous-driving car, but rather, it is aiming to be one of first to scale the technology.

Some tech companies, as well as automakers such as General Motors, Uber, Volkswagen, and Google, are targeting to launch robotaxi services for potential clients as a means to penetrate the ride-hailing industry.

The Waymo Division of Google already completed its prototype vehicles’ test miles, which made one of its major rivals, Volkswagen, recognize Waymo as the leader amongst them when it comes to prototype development.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz remains undeterred by the progress of Google’s Waymo.

Schroeder also said that the company needs to be one of the top two manufacturers who will further improve the technology as well as move on to series production.