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Former Starbucks CEO Seeks 2020 Presidential Bid


Before his book tour launch this week, former Starbucks CEO and Chairman Howard Schultz has reportedly given a possible presidential run serious thought.

CBS news magazine “60 minutes” will be interviewing Schultz, while the list of candidates running against current U.S. President Donald Trump is growing on a daily basis. In a teaser of his interview, Schultz criticizes President Trump.

Schultz’s representative did not share any information about the rumors of the former Starbucks CEO’s intention to run for president. It is also possible that Schultz will run as an independent presidential candidate in 2020.

Rumors of a potential presidential run have been swirling around Schultz for the better part of two years. The televised interview can provide another way of floating around the idea of his presidential campaign to viewers and supporters. A report from The Atlantic reveals that the Democratic Party is worried about Schultz’ plans to run for president. The Democrats feel concerned that an independent candidate will decrease Democratic voters and give President Trump a big chance to secure a second term.

The release of Schultz’ book, “From the Ground Up,” and the televised interview helps introduce the former Starbucks CEO with his backstory and his plans for the country. Schultz is currently worth about $3 billion and is trying to put together a communications team that may evolve into his campaign for the seat at the White House.

Former Edelman Vice Chairman Steve Schmidt is already a part of Schultz’s team. Schmidt is Republican candidate Sen. John McCain’s manager during his presidential campaign last 2008.