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Shaq Brought ‘Fun House’ to the Superbowl Weekend


Fun and energy are what Shaquille O’Neal promised. The basketball legend brought his ‘Shaq Fun House’ for the Superbowl VIP Party. The party will combine the fun of Cirque de Soleil, Carnival, Waffle House, and incredibly great music.

O’Neal expanded on his business model, too. According to him, if it is something that will change someone’s life and will make people happy, that is what he is after.

‘Shaq Fun House’ started at 9:00 p.m. on Friday night prior to Sunday’s Superbowl. Ticket prices started at $400 to a thousand for the table service. The event also had some sponsors and will earn six figures from each.

Moreover, O’Neal said that he does not know how much they are making. As long as everyone is having fun, he is good.

In addition, O’Neal said he is not about the money, but rather the fun. With this, the basketball legend would like to expand the business locally and internationally. In fact, they are set to do ‘Shaq Fun House’ in Belgium and Miami.

Some people would say that Shaq’s Fun House was the real highlight on Superbowl Sunday 2019.