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Optimistic Weekend for Cryptocurrency


Major cryptocurrencies have seen mild movements after a significant surge occurred since last week. Meanwhile, Bitcoin or BTC held steady at $3,600 until February 13, when it hit over $7,000.

Bitcoin’s daily transaction volume continues to grow steadily. The corresponding indicator has nearly reached those levels that BTC had in 2018. At that time, the top currency globally was worth approximately $20,000.

One of the largest crypto, Ripple (XRP), lost approximately 1% in price and currently trades somewhere near $.031. In terms of market capitalization, it’s more than $12.7 billion, which is around $260 million higher than the third largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum’s price is at around $119. All through the week, it mostly traded near $110. On Feb 6, it dropped to $103 – its lowest for such a period. Yesterday, however, market growth was able to bring back ETH’s prices back to similar rates during the latter part of January.

The total crypto market capitalization peaked at more than $122 billion earlier today, just before it slid back down to about $121 million. Within the last 24 hours, the corresponding daily trading volume is at approximately $20.2 billion.

Three of the major gainers for the day include Binance Coin (BNB), Litecoin (LTC), as well as Maker (MKR). BNB, ranked as 10th largest coin based on market cap gained almost 3% and had seen a continuous increase since Feb 6. Litecoin is up at 3.5%, and it also reached a double-digit gain. It is now ahead of Eos (EOS), claiming the 4th spot of the largest cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as Tron (TRX), both part of the top twenty, lost the most significant value on that day as they were down by approximately 2%.