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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Kicks Off 2020 Presidential Campaign with Economic Equality at Forefront


Senator Warren Elizabeth just announced the start of her campaign for president. Announcing at her home state, the Massachusetts Democrat held the event in the City of Lawrence not too far from Boston. She is now in an already crowded pool of Democrat candidates.

Then again, the current president is not without his own concerning issues. The Trump Presidency has been an interesting term, to say the least. With the government shutdown only recently ending with a threat of it happening again still looming; the likely Republican candidate will face many challengers from the other side. Democrats left, and right has been making bids and starting their campaign for the 2020 presidential race.

The 69-year-old senator has many issues on which she is anchoring her campaign. These issues so far are fair salaries and equal healthcare access.  As she said, “This is the fight of our lives,” The “fight” she is saying is one to build an America that works for everybody. Such was her battle cry as she declared her campaign for the presidency.

An issue that really dogged Senator Warren, however, is her claims to having a native-American heritage. This is an incredibly touchy subject with the history of the country. Then, to have a Caucasian-presenting senator persisting on the lineage despite contrary finding based on ancestry. Still, the current president did not let this slide even going as to call her “Pocahontas” at one point.

On the issue Warren has apologized repeatedly, clarifying that her beliefs were merely based on her family lore. She has then come to recognize tribal sovereignty and how it dictates membership. Still, this is not the only concern she has on her campaign trail.

The current landscape on the democratic side is crowded, to say the least. Not to mention a plethora of Billionaire CEO’s who are also trying to get into the Whitehouse. In a town hall meeting in the town Dover in New Hampshire, she called on to her fellow candidates to not say yes to corporate political backing. On it she said:

“We gotta walk the walk; if we actually believe that money has too much damn influence in Washington, then change starts right here in the Democratic presidential primary,”

New Hampshire is just one of her stops as most democratic candidates are spending the time to talk to the people in Iowa and South Carolina as well.

Even though she is calling to say nay or corporate political cash Warren found a great backer with the Progressive Change Campaign that can fund her in the millions. On their support this is what Committee co-founder Adam Green has to say:

“We believe that Elizabeth Warren is the most electable Democrat and the best person to be president.”