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Hanoi To Host Trump’s Second Summit With Kim Jong Un


President of the United States Donald Trump mentioned on Friday that the country’s diplomats had a productive meeting with officials from North Korea and that Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam will host the summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, happening this month.

On Twitter, Trump stated that his representatives just left a productive meeting in North Korea and that the date and time to meet for a second summit with their leader Kim Jong Un has been set, with Hanoi Vietnam hosting the event.

He also said that he’s looking forward to seeing Chairman Kim and advancing the peace.

Trump made an announcement early this week regarding the dates for his second summit with Kim, and that it would be happening in Vietnam, however, he did not disclose the city.

Stephen Biegun, the United States’ representative for North Korea, had a three-day discussion in Pyongchang in preparation for his summit, according to State Department.

It was also said that Biegun agreed with Kim Hyok Chol, his Korean counterpart, to meet again just before the summit takes place.

While he was in Pyongchang, from Wednesday until Friday, Beigun and Chol talked about advancing Trump and the chairman’s commitment to the Singapore summit particularly complete denuclearization, building lasting peace in the Korean Peninsula.

In its statement, North Korea was referred to as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, its official name, and there was no indication that any progress was in the works.

Just a few weeks before the summit, both sides appear to have a challenge narrowing down differences over the demands of the US for North Korea to consider giving up its program on nuclear weapons, which threatens the US.

Biegun mentioned last week that the discussion in Pyongyang is aimed towards seeking progress related to commitments undertaken in Singapore, as well as mapping out a possible set of more concrete deliverables for the next summit.

According to him, Washington was open to discussing various actions that would improve ties and possibly entice Pyongyang to give up their nuclear weapons. At the same time, Trump was okay with ending the Korean War, which actually ended with an armistice, rather than a treaty intended for peace.

Economic Talks

Beigun articulated that Kim Jong Un has committed during Mike Pompeo’s October visit that plutonium and uranium facilities were going to be dismantled and destructed. At the same time, corresponding measures that were demanded by the North Koreans will be part of what he’s going to talk about.

He also set out an exhaustive list enumerating the demands that need to be met eventually by North Korea, which includes complete disclosure of their nuclear and fossil programs.

On Saturday, Biegun’s talk with North Korea turned out to be productive, and President Trump looked forward to meeting Kim in Hanoi.

President Trump has been eager to get a win on foreign policy in order to potentially distract from domestic troubles. He is keen to meet for another summit despite lacking significant moves from North Korea to cease their program on nuclear weapons. Biegun and Trump have emphasized the benefits that North Korea may get economically if they did so.

Trump released a tweet saying that North Korea, through Kim Jong Un’s leadership is headed towards becoming an economic powerhouse.

During Trump’s annual State of the Union address, he announced about his plan of meeting with Kim for a second time.