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S&P 500 Shares Decline as Apple Introduces New Video Streaming Feature


S&P 500 ended a grueling session this week with slightly lower rates. This is brought about by the lingering slowdown occurring in the economic growth of the world, as Apple’s stocks decline after the tech giant introduced their new video streaming feature.

Throughout the day, indexes fluctuated along with the positive and negative boundary. Many investors are monitoring the activities in the U.S. Treasury.

The 10-year mark of the Treasury showed yields falling since the last month of 2017. This is in contrast with the yields between 10-year notes and three-month bills which showed that the curves are further inverted, brought about by the investors’ continued assessment of the dovish pot managed by the Fed last week.

The Federal Reserve predicted a slowdown in the country’s economy in the previous week, deciding to postpone their plans of raising some of the interest rates in 2019.

If the “yield curve inversion” proves to be accurate, it can be an indication that there will likely be a recession in the next two years. The 10-year notes yield last at around 2.4 percent.

The financial index of S&P experiences its “longest losing streak” by ending at 0.4 percent, its fifth day of falling in a row.

The chief investment officer of North Star Investment Management Corp in Chicago, Eric Kuby explained how they used to be people who were just worried about the 4 percent yield and inflation. He also added that now, everyone’s worry about a possible recession and lower rates has changed the tone.

Apple’s fall of 1.2 percent in their shares has been the most significant factor in the decrease in the indexes. The company has joined an already crowded avenue of streaming options recently by unveiling their own Apple TV+ and Apple TV subscription, which aims to provide original content and streaming services.

Investors did not pay too much attention to the report made by the Special Counsel to the President, Robert Mueller about how President Trump’s campaign didn’t collude with Russia. The story also left questions as to whether or not justice was obstructed through undermining investigations which determined the presidency.

On the other hand, an increase of 0.6 percent was observed in the sector of consumer discretionary. This is due to the gains in companies such as Amazon.com Inc. and Home Depot Inc.

The volume of exchange in the country was low at 6.96 billion stocks, in contrast to the full session rate of 7.69 billion average in the previous 20 days of trading.