Home Markets EU Fines Google $1.7 Billion For Ad Suppression

EU Fines Google $1.7 Billion For Ad Suppression


Google received an antitrust penalty of $1.7 billion from the EU for blocking search advertisements in their sites.

The European Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, commented on this matter in a conference. She said that Google created a platform where advertisers and websites owners need to pay more to reach their consumers.

Google abused its popularity to prevent websites from using AdSense, which is an advertising placement service of Google. Furthermore, the technology company uses other broker sites and services that increase the price for advertisers to place ads.

The misconduct affects different websites like travel and news websites that produce search results and adverts. When Google prevents websites from using AdSense, sites, and advertisers need to seek approval from Google before placing advertisements.

This misconduct is the main reason for the third sanction that the EU gave to Google. The first and the second penalty was about their Android operating system and shopping services. The penalties reach 4.34 billion euro and 2.42 billion euro, respectively.

With the penalties given, Google company offers Android users a chance to install other browsers and applications that will allow them to search for things. According to Vestager, this may start to improve competition among the search engines technology.