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Electric Cars Dominate Norway’s Market


One of the most significant contributors to pollution and climate impact are cars and their fumes. The fumes derived from fossil-fueled vehicles damage the Earth, which is why Norway has taken the initiative to solve this problem.

Norway saw a significant increase in the number of electric cars sold last March. Electric cars made up the majority of vehicle purchases in Norway recently. They outnumbered gas- and diesel-powered cars with a 40% market stake.

Christina Bu, general secretary of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, says that the sale of battery-powered vehicles previous month was “historically high.” She further adds that “Norway shows the whole world that the electric car can replace cars powered by gasoline and diesel and be an important contribution in the fight to reduce C02 emissions.”

Norway is a great model for other countries to shift into a more sustainable environmental policy. To boost electric car sales, their government provides various incentives such as waived import duties, sales taxes, and registration. These motivations are enough to encourage their people to shift to more sustainable transportation. Not only that but by 2025 the government will require that all new cars to be sold are electric. Once the electric-exclusive sale plan kicks in, all tax benefits for electric cars will be removed.