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Biden’s Campaign Launches and Hits $6.3 million in 24 Hours


Joe Biden, ex-Vice President of the United States of America, garnered $6.3 million funds in 24 hours for his presidential campaign, which news broadcasted the plan Friday.

The former Vice President’s campaign was the highest in terms of the first-day figures among 20 Democrats. It’s the most top launched campaigns that challenged Donald Trump, current President of the U.S., among presidential campaigns for 2020.

Biden announced his presidential run last Thursday as he entered the crowded Democratic field. Furthermore, an e-mail from the veteran said that the significant funds coming from his first-day campaign mean that his run is evidence of “a truly grassroots campaign.”

With an average donation of $41, the politician claimed that 97,000 people or almost 97% of the online contributions amounted to less than $200.

Compared to other candidates, Biden’s campaign came with a breakthrough. Beto O’Rourke, former Texas Democratic representative, held a previous high of $6.1 million while Bernie Sanders, current Senator running as a Democrat for 2020, raised $5.9 million on his first day.

With his high first-day campaign, Biden received a lot of criticisms from other people, even form his fellow Democrats in the presidential race. Critics questioned Biden’s ability to raise an enormous amount of cash in his first day as compared to his rivals, who started collecting funds and contributions earlier than him.

In response to this, the six-term Delaware senator and former President Obama’s veep is reportedly seen to attend a Philadelphia fundraiser in his first day of the campaign. David Cohen, Comcast Senior Executive Vice President, hosted the said event.

However, Senator Sander’s campaign had something to say about the donor event. He said in an email with a subject “Joe Biden” that they are hoping to “end the Democratic primary’s big day by a massive number of individual contributions and not by fundraiser activities.”

Since Biden knew he has a long way to catch up to his rival’s “money primary,” he started to reach out for potential backers even before he announced his campaign.

While other campaigns boast off their raised funds, no one gets close to Trump’s $30 million funds and $40 million cash-on-hand in his former run towards presidency.

However, supporters who are willing to help Biden in his run might change Trump’s reported funds during his campaign. Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, told his friends that he plans to cast his whole fundraising networks to Biden, exclusively. CNBC also reported that Eric Mindich, who raised Obama’s money for his presidential campaigns, told his associates that he also plans to help Biden’s fund campaigns.