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How This 25-Year-Old Minimalist Lives Out of a Single Suitcase


Henry Akerman calls himself a “digital nomad,” a term for a young person who has a remote job. The 25-year old traded his full-time career for several part-time gigs. He claims to have broken several work trends and soon, he hopes to be the first to set the trend on minimalism on the go. 

Akerman works all over Asia and across Europe with just one suitcase. He believes that the less he owns, the more space he can create for things that matter most to him. He revealed that during his travels, he had met families who have nothing to offer and yet are very happy.

The nomad had steered away from any permanent home since he started his journey when he was just 18 years old. He was a fresh high school graduate back then. Now, he stays no more than several months in different places such as Japan and Thailand. 

Akerman is an American, and he continues to pay his taxes in the US despite his nomadic lifestyle. He opened up about his earnings, which may vary each month. He has made ends meet by taking acting jobs, through the income of this e-commerce business, through some start-ups and investments like cryptocurrency. 

Akerman claims that minimalism is similar to meditation, saying that it’s accepting that distractions are natural, but you must focus on what’s important. He says that health, purpose, and community matter to him more than anything else. 

Nevertheless, he admitted that living a transient life also has its disadvantages. He said that he values the spirit of a community, but he finds it hard to find lasting relationships on the road.  Akerman uses Nomadlist.com, an online community for inspiration and to check out people who are also digital nomads. 

Akerman also revealed what he keeps inside his famous suitcase. He said that he only brings three pairs of shoes, a suit for dressing up and other essential items. Finally, he recommends selling everything and starting from scratch.

Millennial working habits are diverging from traditional 9-5 office jobs. They are willing to take risks, work freelance and invest in themselves for their future. Travel and independence are both huge priorities for the latest working generation. Minimalist digital nomadic lifestyles afford young people both those things.