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Iran Sends Warning to the UK Amidst Rising Tensions


 Flexing a strong muscle, the military of Iran resisted docking a warship from Britain when it has seized a ship three days prior. Since then, the UK has been rethinking its next steps to take during the crisis involving a large Gulf tanker last weekend, following consideration of many choices.

The Prime Minister’s office said that Theresa May would conduct a meeting with the COBR emergency response committee of the United Kingdom to talk about the escalating dilemma.

Britain has kept people in the dark about its plans about how to react and retaliate following the IRG (Iranian Revolutionary Guards) went down from their aircraft and seized control of the Sten Impero last Friday. It took place in the Strait of Hormuz, marking an immediate kickback from Britain’s apprehension of a huge Iranian tanker just two weeks prior.

 Borrowing from a local Iran news portal, Reuters reports that the tanker seized by the UK was docked in an exclusive Iranian port. Moreover, the vessel was housing a waving Iran flag on its top.

The world expects the government of UK to declare its next move at an impending speech to the whole parliament this coming Monday. 

However, the analysts and connoisseurs of the region said that the steps already seem evident at a particular vantage point.  This is in line with the United States’ opt for rudimentary economic sanctions such as banning oil imports from the country they are experiencing crisis and conflict in terms of diplomacy.

Tim Ripley, well-renowned writer-slash-defender working for Defence Weekly, aptly stated that “…we shout at the ambassador, and we hope it all goes away.”

He even further added, “I don’t see… us being able to offer a concession that can resolve this crisis.”

 Nevertheless, the British higher-ups, who called the action of the Iranian military an antagonistic and miscalculated act, stood by quietly. This is indicative that they are not ready to make a definitive agreement on any response yet.

Tobias Ellwood said to Sky News that they are working on considering a plethora of different options. More so, he added that they are discussing with their constituents, global allies, and working on how to get things done. 

Dragging On

The Iranian seizure of the vessel happened during the most vital period in the global trading of oil. It has, therefore, affected the whole world trade, inciting confrontations between Western countries as America’s sanctions went into effect during May.

 After US President Donald Trump withdrew from a deal that was signed by the former US President Obama, the White House has carried its penalties. Such an agreement has allowed Iran to be given a peek into the world trade in exchange for their nuclear research programs.

The other countries from Europe, especially the UK, has been stuck in the middle of all of this. For one, most have disapproved of this agreement to quit the deal about the nuclear programs and their failure to give Iran its promised economic benefits.

UK was focused more on the July 4 confrontation where the US Royal Marines took over the Iranian Tanker in Gibraltar. The British government has alleged them of violation of the penalties for Syria, as many retaliation threats from Iran preceded it.

 In response, Iran explained that the Sten Impero seizing was solely based on safety and protocol issues. Nevertheless, it seems obvious that Iran does not mainly hide the retaliation aspect of the situation, what with the rappelling operation and seizing was similar to the British capture.

As such, the whole scenario became more like a push-and-pull rather than a protocol enhancement and analysis.

Besides, Ali Larijani distinctly said at a session that “The Revolutionary Guards responded to Britain’s [hi-jacking] of the Iranian tanker.”

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of Iran, has blamed the United States’ John Bolton for instigating misunderstandings between America and UK. 

Escalating Messages

In a letter that was sent to the Security Council of the United Nations, UK stated that the Stena Impero was seized by Iran military when they were traversing the waters lawfully in the seas of Omani. As such, they alleged that the action worked on the grounds of an illegal interruption.

Likewise, HMS Montrose, one of Britain’s war vessels sailing around the area of the Gulf, called an Iran patrol vessel to steer clear of rejecting the Stena Impero boarding, found clearly in radio messages turned over to Reuters.

In the message, one can hear a radio call from Montrose stating, “Please confirm that you are not intending to violate international law by unlawfully attempting to board.”

Further, in the messages, what can be heard it the Iran patrol vessel directing the Stena Impero to stay away and recourse. In response to Montrose, they have informed that the seizing was due to security inspection and protocols.

Ripley, a notable analyst and expert, aptly stated that Iran’s move to target the ship had been made a deliberate move. Moreover, this action has been a provocation to incite an even larger dispute.

Also, the Stena Impero was luckily empty during the time of its apprehension. The crew members of the ship were 23 individuals from India. If there were British members on the ship, the UK might have taken more prominent and more significant actions, Ripley added.

Further, Ripley said that Iran is expecting any retaliation from the UK soon, what with its conflict with the US. 

In any case, an unnamed Iran official makes a final point. He said that this tension is due to the United States’ pressure and tension with Iran.