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Raiders Release Antonio Brown; Patriots Catch Him


Oakland Raiders’ star wide receiver Antonio Brown is a great player, but before he even had a chance to catch a meaningful pass with the Raiders, he was released. 

Oakland released Brown on Saturday morning, and his agent immediately went to work on finding a new home for his client. 

Brown’s baselessness lasted for a good few hours. 

The player agreed to a one-year, $15 million deal and a $9 million signing bonus with the New England Patriots. 

The signing became official last Monday, September 9, 2019. 


The Brown Saga

Antonio Brown expressed his desire to leave the Raiders in a Saturday morning Instagram post. And release him they did.  The move marked the end of a bizarre back-and-forth saga that had consumed their team and had the whole football world watching. 

Early last week, Brown was involved in an alleged row with the team’s General Manager Mike Maycock, with Brown threatening to punch the manager in the face. The Raiders were preparing to suspend and let go of their star receiver. 

But Brown apologized on Friday and his team accepted it. They had a team meeting and communicated their concerns on what to do. In the end, they came to a meeting of the minds and we’re all excited to move forward. 

But it didn’t stop there. 

Last Friday, Brown released a youtube video with audio of a conversation between him and Jon Gruden, Raiders head coach. The clip suggested that maybe all was not as well in Oakland as they were making it out to be, and that earlier was just a publicity stunt. 

Then came the Saturday Instagram post, and the rest is history. 

Oakland acquired Brown from Pittsburgh for 3rd and 5th-round draft picks. The Raiders had been counting on Brown to inspire their lackluster offense. Hard Knocks, a show focused on the Raiders’ training camp, showed the drama over his absence from the team after a foot injury, and his heavy reluctance to don the NFL-required helmet. 

Many wondered if the move will happen, seeing as the Patriots have taken chances on players multiple times, and that trend seems to continue. Some were successful, and some were not.

Watch how this move affects both the Raiders and the Patriots for the next season. Brown has not played a snap for Oakland before booting himself out of the team, and the football world holds their breath on how it works out. If it does, then the Patriots will be tough to stop that everyone else may as well be fighting for second place.