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Is the End Near for Cryptocurrency?


Many saw the rise and fall of cryptocurrency throughout the years, and people are about to witness yet another bitcoin milestone. The age of cryptocurrency is nearing its end, and the glory days seem to be all over now. From its rapid increase, many investors tried catching up with the cryptocurrency market. As fast as they entered the market, it is the same for how quickly they left the same.

Bitcoin investors are slowly moving towards traditional commodities, and cryptocurrencies haven’t been able to see a significant increase in the last few months. Cryptocurrencies haven’t able to increase their numbers to more than $4,000 in three weeks, and many investors are worried.  In the past years, bitcoin pulled more demand than gold and 2019 only brought despair. The market flipped on its head as gold became the number one investment for many bitcoin investors.

Many speculate that the decline in bitcoin investors will make it hard for bitcoin to recover, considering it doesn’t have inherent value like gold. Upcoming gold players are rising in the market, such as GDX gold miners ETF and GDXJ junior gold miners ETS. The shares of these companies have been looking great this 2019.